Gift Them Right

Giving good gifts is a fine art. But whatever you're after, whoever it's for, we've got your gifting all wrapped up.

Roses are red — but gold is gold

So you’ve struck gold in love — now you’ve got to find the exact gift that says ‘no-one gets you like I do’ (no pressure). We’ve got jewelry that says just what you need it to say, and like your love story, will endure for all time.

Diamond Bar Pendant

14k $800.00 USD

Quadricolor Ring with White Diamonds

14k $920.00 USD

Diamond Circle Bracelet

14k $800.00 USD

The best gifts for your best girl

Just like your friendship, our jewelry is designed to last a lifetime. Find the perfect piece for the woman who knows you best and keeps your secrets in the vault.

Mini Gold Letter Charm Pendant 14k

14k $200.00 USD

Inverse Ring

Vermeil $100.00 USD

X Earring

14k $75.00 USD per piece

Let's get personal

Personal gifts are the best gifts — for extra credit, engrave your gift with a secret message, mark an occasion or tell her how you feel.

Signet Ring

$220.00 USD

Icon Ring with White Diamonds

14k $800.00 USD

Gold Disk Necklace with Black Diamonds

14k $650.00 USD

Oh, baby

Having a baby is a heroic thing. But if she gave you (or the world) the gift of life, her thank you gift ought to be pretty epic — so we've pulled together the very sweetest gifts for the mama in your life.

Gold Disk Necklace

14k $680.00 USD

Quadricolor Ring with Black Diamonds

14k $820.00 USD

Mini Letter Charm Pendant with White Diamonds

14k $450.00 USD

Family jewels

We've got the pieces you're going to want to keep in the family. For your mom, sister, daughter or other fabulous relative, celebrate your clan with our contemporary classics.

Crossover Bracelet

14k $2,800.00 USD

X Ring

14k $380.00 USD

Simple Pearl Ring

14k $250.00 USD

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