Ethics - no concessions

We only use materials that keep our consciences as clear as our diamonds. It's that simple. For an industry that deals in beauty, there are a lot of ugly practices in jewelry – and high-end brands can be some of the main offenders.

No Concessions

We're uncompromising about the origins of our gold, diamonds and pearls, adhering stringently to human rights, environmental and social responsibility standards, even establishing new industry benchmarks where we know we can do better.

Golden rules

AUrate uses 100% recycled gold. Gold is an amazing resource, able to be repeatedly recycled without diminishing in quality. But gold mining is notorious for its environmental damage, exploitative labour practices and funding of conflicts. That's why we insist on the purest recycled gold, sourced from verified conflict-free suppliers.

Diamond standards

We're fastidious about our diamonds. We track every single one from mine to workshop to ensure they come from the most verifiably ethical and environmentally sound sources. We adhere strictly to the Kimberly Process (the international system certifying conflict-free diamonds) – but we don't think this goes far enough. We also insist that the mines we deal with have decent working conditions, offer fair pay, respect local indigenous communities and protect the environment.

Pearly principles

Our pearls are sustainably farmed and sensitively harvested to ensure the wellbeing and biodiversity of the marine environment. The farms we work with are family-run, and create valuable (and fairly rewarded) job opportunities for local communities.

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