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Essential Earrings

Solid gold, stone-cold glamour for your ears, from simple studs to minimal bars.

Cuff Earring with White Diamonds

14k $220.00 USD per piece

Diamond Path Earring

14k $450.00 USD per piece

Diamond Ear Cuff

14k $750.00 USD per piece

Essential Rings

Put a ring on it – preferably one crafted from gorgeous gold.

Mini Stackable Diamond Ring

$140.00 USD

Midi Stackable Diamond Ring

$180.00 USD

Mini Stackable Twist Diamond Ring

$150.00 USD

Essential Necklaces

From perennially chic diamonds to pearly pendants, your signature necklace is here.

Diamond Bezel Necklace

14k $320.00 USD

Gold Bar Necklace

14k $250.00 USD

Midi Diamond Bar Pendant

14k $480.00 USD

Essential Bracelets

Discover delicate bracelets and classic cuffs to invest in.

Skinny Cuff

14k $980.00 USD

Diamond Bezel Bracelet

14k $250.00 USD

Mini Charm Pyramid Bracelet

14k $120.00 USD

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