Craftsmanship - no concessions

We spent a full year scouring the globe to find the world's best master jewelers, only to discover them right here in New York City. Some are fourth-generation craftspeople, others have spent decades honing their art. All of them are as fixated on getting your piece exactly right as we are.

It's a serious business. As one of our jewelers says, "We aren’t just selling a piece of stone - we see it as more than that. Most of what we sell becomes a family heirloom. My family’s role is to ensure that your jewelry can be passed on throughout your family as this business has been handed down through mine."

Local craftsmanship

Keeping things local means we can get together and work together, fast. Once your order is placed, we get right on it, and can account for it until the moment it reaches you.

NYC craftsmanship

There's no mass-manufacturing here, no factory floors or conveyor belts – just a tight-knit band of New Yorkers casting, setting and polishing your piece to perfection, with their own hands. We're so confident in the quality of the resulting craftsmanship that we guarantee it for life.

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