The Black Stones Edition

Black has an unarguable magnetic power — one that we were eager to harness for our Black Stones Edition. Crafted from darkly glittering black onyx and contrasting bright yellow gold, these pieces are as enigmatic and alluring as the pitch-dark night sky or the sleek feline form of the black panther. Completely versatile, understated, but imbued with just enough enticing edge courtesy of the charismatic onyx, our Black Stones Ring, Black Stones Necklace and Black Stones Bracelet are sure to exert a gravitational pull on observant onlookers.

Mini Charm Circle Ring

14K Solid Gold

$100.00 USD

Black Stones Bracelet

Gold Vermeil

$150.00 USD

Black Stones Ring

14K Solid Gold

$320.00 USD

Black Stone Circle Earring

14K Solid Gold

$140.00 USD per single earring

Black Stones Necklace

Gold Vermeil

$220.00 USD

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