Family jewels

We've got the pieces you're going to want to keep in the family. For your mom, sister, daughter or other fabulous relative, celebrate your clan with our contemporary classics.

$2,800.00 USD

It's a wrap.

The closest you can get to throwing your arms around a loved one when you're not nearby, our Crossover bracelet is a solid gold embrace.

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$380.00 USD

Meet in the middle.

The perfect metaphor for how families are interconnected, or just a gorgeous, graphic piece you'll want to wear with everything? Either way, X marks the spot where you'll find the perfect present.

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$250.00 USD

Pearls of wisdom.

You can't go wrong with a perfect pearl. And for your favorite wisdom-dispensing relative, there's no better way to offer thanks for being a beacon for good sense than with a glowing, lustrous pearl ring.

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Proud Pearl Earrings with White Diamonds

14k $650.00 USD per piece

Gold Disk Earring with Black Diamonds

14k $475.00 USD per piece

X Earring

14k $75.00 USD per piece

X Cuff

Vermeil $300.00 USD

X Ring with White Diamonds

14k $900.00 USD

Gold Disk Earring with White Diamonds

14k $490.00 USD per piece

Diamond Bezel Bracelet

14k $250.00 USD

Crossover Ring

14k $550.00 USD

Gold Disk Necklace

14k $680.00 USD

Gold Disk Bracelet

14k $620.00 USD

Diamond Bezel Necklace

14k $320.00 USD

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