The Circle Edition

People-watching in Central Park (any New Yorker's favorite pastime, us included) provides constant reminders of the power of human connection, regardless of background. Celebrating the feminine qualities of empathy and inclusivity, our Circle Edition symbolizes the importance of solidarity. Crafted in beautiful solid gold, our Solid Circle Necklace is a gorgeous, graphic representation of unity, while our Diamond Circle Ring and Diamond Circle Necklace kicks it up a notch in the style stakes with the inclusion of rows of sparkling diamonds.

Diamond Circle Ring with Black Diamonds

14K $650.00

Diamond Circle Ring with White Diamonds

14K $750.00

Solid Circle Earrings

14K $280.00

Diamond Circle Bracelet

14K $800.00

Diamond Circle Earrings with Black Diamonds

14K $1,200.00

Solid Circle Necklace

14K $250.00

Solid Circle Ring

14K $250.00

Diamond Circle Necklace

14K $850.00

Diamond Circle Earrings with White Diamonds

14K $1,350.00

Solid Circle Bracelet

14K $220.00

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